The 13th Gathering of the Authors of Author Pedagogy

May 14-18

Creator’s Mobile School

Creative individual’s educational order, open public educational system of individual’s talent development; author educational programme with the educational calendar, educational projects and personal digital means.

Organizer: Yerevan “MkhitarSebastatsi” Educational Complex
Supporter: Ministry of ES of RA

Participants: authors of author educational programmes, heads of public schools and pre-school institutions, educators, participants of the educational projects in the Educomplex schools (clubs, groups), public and cultural figures, leading education officers, specialists, parents, other beneficiaries and those who are interested.


  • Partnership affirmation:
    having an aim to create network of pre-school institutions of author educational programme
    having an aim

having an aim to create network of school-gardens (kindergarten and primary school in one institution)

with public educational systems formed with the author educational programme

with educational projects which are worked out and carried out with author educational programme

having an aim to localize the experience in carrying out the author educational programme

Summarizing the results of the 2017-2018 school year of the author educational programme

  • Presentation of author educational programmes

The content of the gathering is adjudged with the works of the author educational programme to be done in 2018, development programme for 2019-2021


To participate in the gatering filling in the application form of the participant.

The participants from different regions of Armenia, as well as from Artsakh and Georgia can have accommodation in the dwelling lodgings of the Educomplex.

Working order

May 14-18

  • Review of the project based teaching assigned by the curriculums of the author educational programmes; the educational projects, working orders of the schools are published before May 10. Involving partners in the project is the project manager’s and participants’ educational work.
  • Trainings with the author educational programme:
    The Educomplex laboratories, professional groups and mentor teachers work out and publish the training programme. They also make an announcement about the forthcoming training. Training is carried out in the real environment of the project.
  • The results of the author educational programme for the 2017-2018 school year: presentations, concerts, exhibitions.
  • Introducing the partners of the annual Plein Air in the South West district of Yerevan.
  • Introducing the programme and partners of the annual June Ethnographic Festival.
  • Presentation of the 3rd, 5th and 9th graders’ exit skills and abilities, summary of teaching- learning outcomes.

May 15. Pedagogical Club

May 16. Educators’ year round trainings

May 17. Evening service at Saint Anna Church.

May 18. Morning service at Holy Trinity Church
Summary of Media Friday concerts.

Publishing materials about the gathering:

  • Diseminating the preparatory work on the educational blogs, the and school websites.
  • Articals about the gathering on the blogs and the pedagogical journal Dpir.
  • Video lessons on the educational blogs, Sebastatsi TV, Dpir and
  • Camp and Review projects in may and August published on the educational blogs, and its sub sites.
  • Educational  packages for the 2018-2019 school year: collection of teaching materials published on the teachers’ blogs, the laboratory blogs and in the Media Library

Rewards given on the May gathering days:

  • »Hakob Hakobyan»
  • »Rudik Haroyan»
  • »Vahan Asatryan»
  • »Aida Petrosyan»
  • »Author of the Author Educational Programmes»
  • »Entrance to Pedagogy»
  • »Mary Gabanyan» (Library Girl)

Address: str.Raffi 57, (374) 10 747246
E Mail:

The blog of the gathering:


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